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November 3rd, 2015 | by Serge Cowan

10 Of The Most Popular Destinations For Brits Who Buy Homes Abroad

Buying a home in the sun is a dream that many of us have in the UK, and with a summer like we’ve just had it’s hardly surprising that this is case. However, where we would choose to relocate to is often a matter of personal taste, but there are a few destinations that crop up time and again.

1) Spain

Whether it is on the mainland or one of the stunning Balearic Islands, Spain remains a firm favourite with us Brits. The sun, the food, and the relaxed way of life all make places such as Barcelona, Ibiza, Mallorca and the Costa del Sol ideal places to purchase a home abroad.

2) France

Whether it is the stylish French Riviera or the stunning French Alps, France has long been one of the most popular places for UK citizens to relocate to. Close enough to home to return at the drop of a hat, France will always be extremely popular with those of us looking to move away from the British Isles.

3) Barbados

For those who want to venture a little further afield, Barbados offers the kind of luxury that is hard to come by anywhere else in the world. The sun kisses incredible white sandy beaches all year round making this a truly idyllic place to live.

4) Cyprus

Another destination that is high on the list of many a Brit is Cyprus. This wonderful island offers everything you could possibly ask of a place in the sun. Whether you decide on Limassol or Paphos, Cyprus is a fantastic choice for property abroad.

5) Italy

Regardless of where you choose in Italy, one thing will always remain the same – the warmth of the people. Italy is one of the friendliest countries in Europe and the food here is to die for. Is it any wonder that so many Brits are relocating to this beautiful country every year.

6) Portugal

If you have a sporty disposition, Portugal is the ideal place for you. Golf, football, and all manner of water sports await you when you choose one of the fabulous destinations here.

7) United States of America

The USA holds one thing over all of the aforementioned destinations on the list so far, the language. For anyone who finds the language barrier a little intimidating, the good old US-of-A is perfect for you. From New York to Miami, Brits have been settling here for decades.

8) Switzerland

While Switzerland may be out of reach for some, for those who can afford to move to this tranquil alpine paradise the benefits are clear. Fabulous properties set in even more stunning surroundings make Switzerland a true jewel in Europe’s crown.

9) Australia

Similar to the United States, Australia shares the English language with us, making it another ideal location for those looking to move away from the United Kingdom. This huge country has something for everyone, from city life through to the remote wilderness of the bush.

10) Turkey 

More and more Brits are choosing to relocate to Turkey than ever before thanks to the increasing amount of tourism that the country has enjoyed over the last decade or so. As more of us sample the country on holiday, so we become enamoured with the way of life and finally choose to settle here.

Serge Cowan

Serge Cowan

Managing Director and Founder

Serge has an extensive marketing background, after a broadcasting career, Serge moved into marketing where he worked for BSkyB & a number of leading Public Relations agencies.
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