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January 11th, 2016 | by Serge Cowan

5 Top Restaurants in Vence

Located on the French Riviera, Vence is a highly popular tourist destination and enjoying a holiday in this area often inspires people to look for luxury villas for sale in Vence. When you are spending time in your villa, you will not want to spend hours in the kitchen cooking when you could be out exploring the area and making the most of your time here. Fortunately, there are some fantastic places to eat out while you are here. Let’s take a look at a few of the most popular:

1) Le Vieux Couvent

Both the main menu and the wine list are extensive in this restaurant, which means there is generally something for everyone to enjoy here. The restaurant is actually a converted convent, so you can savour your meal in a stunning setting. The food on offer is predominantly contemporary French cuisine, although there are some other options available. The standard of the food is what has made this one of the top restaurants in the area; one that is popular with both visitors and locals alike.

2) Les Agapes

Located in the older part of Vence, this restaurant serves delicious French dishes using locally sourced ingredients. Although the food is of an excellent standard, the atmosphere in this restaurant is rather relaxed and informal. This makes it the perfect venue for an unplanned mid-week treat. Diners have the choice of eating indoors or outside on the patio and the latter is ideal for warm evenings.

3) Bacchanales

Although this is one of the most expensive restaurants in Vence, the food is worth the extra cost. It is a food lover’s dream as it serves a wide range of different international cuisine including English pub classics with a modern twist, classical French dishes, and Japanese fusion food.

4) La Onda

The fun and vibrant atmosphere in this restaurant takes nothing away from the high quality of the food served. The ambience is one of the main reasons people head to this venue, as they know they will have a great evening. The menu mainly consists of Spanish tapas, so it is a great choice for an informal lunch as well as an evening meal.

5) Rajasthan

If you prefer something spicier than the French and Mediterranean style food on offer in most of the restaurants in the region, then head to Rajasthan. This Indian restaurant has some of the best Asian cuisine on the French Riviera and the menu includes dishes to suit all tastes, from those who prefer a mild dish to those who enjoy really hot and spicy food.

Anyone staying in villas in Vence can look forward to some excellent meals if they try any of these restaurants. While you are looking at villas for sale in Vence, spend some time eating out in these establishments to discover which will become your regular once you’ve bought the home of your dreams.



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