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July 20th, 2015 | by Serge Cowan

Enjoying Cultural Experiences When Staying in Your Luxury Villa in Cannes

When you think of glamorous and luxurious locations, Cannes is likely to be one of the first places that will spring to mind. It is for this reason that Cannes is such a popular location for people who are considering buying property abroad. However, if you are thinking of looking for a property for sale in Cannes, there is so much more than the glamour and luxury that you can expect from this fantastic location. It is also a great place for cultural experiences too, giving the region depth and intrigue. Here are just some of the things you can do and see when you have a luxury villa in Cannes.

Enjoy the theatre

If your preferred form of culture is the performing arts, then head to the Palais des Festivals in Cannes. There are amazing performances throughout the year and the shows are constantly changing. If you are lucky enough to be staying in your villa at the time of the Cannes Film Festival, visiting the theatre is a truly glamorous and spectacular event.


Cannes boasts many museums and galleries that each has their own theme or focus of interest. The ever-changing exhibitions in these galleries and museums mean that you can visit them time and time again. Just some of the museums and galleries you will find in this town include Musee de la Mer, Musee de le Castre, Centre d’Art La Malmaison de Cannes and Gallerie de Cannes.

Interesting landmarks and sights

Lovers of history and architecture will also find many interesting landmarks and sights in this town to visit. Route de Cretes La Pallud is also known as the French Grand Canyon and truly has the wow effect. It offers spectacular views and is best visited by bicycle, as the road is a tricky drive by car. Although this is challenging, it is well worth the effort.

Another must see landmark is Le Monistaire Fortifie. The monastery is located on the tiny island of Sainte-Honorat and is reached by boat from Cannes. The history of this monument and the agricultural land is fascinating and makes for a perfect day trip.

Eglise Notre dame d’Esperance is one of the most beautiful churches in the area and has amazing views as it overlooks Cannes and the harbour. This is a great place to visit if you want a relaxing and peaceful day.

If cultural activities are something you enjoy, then looking for a property for sale in Cannes or the surrounding area makes perfect sense. The properties for sale in Cannes vary greatly in their style so you can find something that suits your tastes, your needs and your lifestyle. Whichever property you choose, you will have access to many amazing cultural experiences whenever you are staying in your luxury villa.

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