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October 19th, 2013 | by Serge Cowan

Featured Property – 8 Bedroom Villa, Ibiza, The Balearics

Purported to be the birthplace of Christopher Columbus the Island of Ibiza is enriched with history. From it being founded as a port in 654 BC by phoenician settlers, to the battles fought over it during the second Punic wars in 209 BC the Island has always been the desire of many a powerful man.

This new country chic villa, located in a beautiful spot overlooking a vista of the area of Atzaro, Morna Valley, on the bustling Isle of Ibiza.  Though widely known for its party scene, large areas and regions of the island are now registered as UNESCO world heritage sites which protects them from the commercialisation of the larger tourist towns.

As a result of its elevated position, the property offers a stunning vista over the beautiful landscape all the way to the mediterranean sea. The main part of the house is spread over two floors with an additional pool level which extends the living space seamlessly from the interior to the exterior for those scorching Mediterranean summers.

8 Bedroom Villa Ibiza Exterior Pool

It’s modern and clean lined exterior offers the ultimate feel of luxury. The sleek grey finish contrasted with slate cladding creates a beautiful view for those not fortunate enough to own the property who are limited to view it in admiration for its beautiful contemporary design.

The luxury is not limited to the exterior of the property. With a double height entrance hall, you immediately feel enveloped with an heir of importance upon entering the property.

8 Bedroom Villa Ibiza Interior

The main attraction of the ground floor is the large living space and dining room, boasting panoramic views over the Ibizan landscape surrounding the property thanks to the full height sliding glass windows, offering you a beautiful balcony overlooking the pool.

8 Bedroom Villa Ibiza Bedroom Four Poster

The master bedroom is another sight to behold, it’s classic style four-poster bed provides a real sense of luxury and provides the ultimate retreat after a long hot day by the pool.

8 Bedroom Villa Ibiza Exterior Deck View

The properties living space extends into a beautifully crafted upper deck, on which you could wine and dine, host a dinner party with one of the most beautiful views in Europe or simply sit back and relax with a glass of fine whiskey and soak in the view.

If you think you could see yourself in this stunning luxury property in Ibiza, then why not find out more by clicking the link below.

Click Here To View This Property

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