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April 4th, 2019 | by Serge Cowan

I’m Confident I Can Find the Perfect International Property for Anyone. Here’s Why…

Are you concerned that you’re ‘difficult to please’?

That you’ve got too many criteria and won’t ever find the right luxury villa or apartment? As far as I’m concerned, it’s all about adopting the right approach. I don’t believe in finding a great luxury property, then strong-arming a client into it.

It’s all about listening to the client’s needs, then identifying exactly what they require from their home purchase. True, it’s a technique that takes time and effort – but it’s worth it for the excellent results. Here are just some of the questions I ask when I sit down with my clients;

What Lifestyle are You Looking For?

In my years working as a luxury international property advisor, I’ve found that broadly speaking, my clients fall into two camps:

The adventure-seekers. These people want a property in a specific location, so they can explore and enjoy the surroundings. For them, it’s all about what’s outside the villa or apartment – the accommodation itself is usually regarded as less important.

The comfort-enjoyers. Other clients want convenience in their lives. They want to relax and appreciate their nearby surroundings, with every amenity in easy reach. As such, the property itself is often a top priority.

At our initial meet-up, we’ll spend some time working out what matters to you. This helps me to identify what sort of location and property will be most suitable.

What Sort of Area?
Every location has its own unique personality. Take properties for sale in the Costa del Sol for example. Marbella has a completely different feel to Estepona, and Sotogrande is a world away from Benalmadena.
Fortunately, we know all our locations inside-out. My team have spent time in each one of them, so we’re well positioned to answer all the questions you might have about them.

To use another example, if you told me that you loved the Costa del Sol but wanted to be away from the buzz of the seaside towns, I’d probably recommend Benahavis as an option, which is situated in the craggy hills behind the main beach resorts.

For Yourself or Others?
This is another key question. Will you be using it exclusively, or renting it out to others? If it’s solely for you, then we can focus on exactly what you want, and what will work for your family. But if you’re planning to rent it to holidaymakers, we’ll need to consider their requirements too. If you want to generate an income from it, it’s vital to choose a property that appeals to your target rental market.

For example, if you’re considering renting, a gated development could be a good option. They usually have all the amenities holidaymakers need, right on the doorstep, and it’s easy to maintain the property.

Thinking into the Future.
I’ll also be asking you about your long-term plans. It’s important to focus on finding a property that’ll work for you for years to come, not just in the immediate future. For example, that huge pool might be ideal while you’ve got young children, but will you still want it when they’re older?

Being near Malaga might mean you’ll enjoy visiting the museums and historic locations; but will you still want to be there once you’ve seen all the attractions several times?

It’s true that I do spend a lot of time talking to my clients. But as far as I’m concerned, that’s the secret to Unique Living’s success, understanding our client’s family dynamic. By identifying exactly what each client really wants, I’m able to find them the perfect property, every time.

What are your top priorities when looking for a luxury villa or apartment? Have you got any words of wisdom to pass on to others? If so, we’d love to hear them.

Serge Cowan

Serge Cowan

Managing Director and Founder

Serge has an extensive marketing background, after a broadcasting career, Serge moved into marketing where he worked for BSkyB & a number of leading Public Relations agencies.
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