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October 21st, 2013 | by Serge Cowan

Infographic – Ten Facts About France You May Not Have Known

We all know France for its haute cuisine, fine wines and its culture for the finer things in life. With so many luxury properties in France on offer at Unique Living we thought we would share some of the facts about France that maybe you weren’t aware of.

Infographic - Facts About France

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Fact 1: France have been making Wine for a very long time. In fact they have been making it since the Roman Empire.

Fact 2:  French cuisine is considered one of the best cuisines in the world and there is an average of 2 cooking books being published every day.

Fact 3: France is famous for having many castles, palaces and manors. It’s said to have around 40,000 castles.

Fact 4 France have an incredibly wide range of cheeses. They have more than 300 kinds of cheese being made there.

Fact 5: One of the most popular symbols in France is the Eiffel tower which is a famous tourist attraction that stands at 300 meters tall.

Fact 6: If you laid out the cables used in the lifts of the Eiffel Tower end to end, they would stretch for 16 kilometres.

Fact 7: In France, it is actually against the law to kiss someone while on a railway.

Fact 8: The stripes of the French flag are equal width, except on the version used by the Navy, where the red stripe is biggest.

Fact 9: Famous French inventions include: The hot air balloon, the submarine and the parachute.

Fact 10: 20% of the French live in the Parisian region. The population of France in 2012 was 65.7 Million.

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