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October 23rd, 2014 | by Serge Cowan

Luxury Location Guide: The Balearics – Mallorca

Mallorca has enjoyed an extraordinarily rich cultural history that is thoroughly ingrained into the huge variety of events and fiestas that take place on the island throughout the year. A cursory glance at the events calendar shows that there’s not a month that passes without an island wide celebration of some kind or another, making setting up home and investing in luxury property in Mallorca a wonderful opportunity. Indeed, with so many luxury properties and accommodation of all types and sizes, it’s a perfect destination for anyone wanting to feel a part of the rich tapestry of an island lifestyle.

With such a wide range of different types of beautiful luxury property for sale in the Balearics, no less in ‘rival’ islands such as Ibiza, one may be tempted to ask – why Mallorca? The simple answer is that not only is the island beautiful within the interior, as equally as it is along the beaches, but that there’s just so much to do. As an extremely popular tourist destination you can expect all the standard beachside fun, but also much more. Outdoor concerts take place most nights, you can attend professional quality theatrical performances, enjoy a round of golf or take a boat to sea – and that’s just the tip of the iceberg.

Thanks to their sublime climate much of the fun to be had in Mallorca takes place outside, and there’s a wide range of activities that will cater for even the most stubborn tastes! Palma especially makes the best of this with their ‘Nits a la Fresca’ festival that encourages people into the open air and offers plenty of free activities. The movie nights are especially popular, likewise enjoying an open air picnic while watching the sun set over the Mediterranean.

Great as these choices would be alone it’s genuinely quite breath-taking how many other fiestas, exhibitions and events take place in Mallorca – with many of these paying tributes to the cultural legacy. Just to give a few examples there is everything from an International Boat Show to medieval fairs and carnivals to celebrate significant religious and local dates, all running alongside showcases ranging from art and pottery through to food and wine. There’s simply never a dull day to be found in Mallorca.

Idyllic luxury homes in Mallorca enjoy the finest views imaginable regardless of whether they are situated in towns, countryside or by the coast – yet with a short trip anyone can find a panoramic place to enjoy the natural beauty that this island offers. There’s no shortage of villas for sale in the Balearics, and they come in all shapes and sizes, but you can be sure that those lucky enough to live in one on Mallorca will never find themselves stuck for something to do.


Featured Luxury Properties For Sale in Mallorca

  • 5 Bed Luxury Villa



    5 Bedroom Luxury Villa

    Bendinat, Mallorca, The Balearics


  • 7 Bed Luxury Villa



    12 Bedroom Luxury Villa

    Cala Llamp, Mallorca, The Balearics


  • 5 Bed Luxury Villa



    5 Bedroom Luxury Villa

    Palma, Mallorca, The Balearics


  • 5 Bed Luxury Villa



    5 Bedroom Luxury Villa

    Mallorca, The Balearics


  • 4 Bed Luxury Villa



    4 Bedroom Luxury Villa

    Porreres, Mallorca, The Balearics


  • 5 Bed Luxury Villa



    5 Bedroom Luxury Villa

    Son Vida, Mallorca, The Balearics



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