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June 16th, 2014 | by Serge Cowan

Luxury Location Guide: Umbria

The picturesque Italian region of Umbria is the ideal getaway break with it’s beautiful scenery and history dating back centuries. Relax in a luxury villa and soak in the beautiful surroundings whilst enjoying a glass of local wine. This area is brimming with plush forests, mountain ranges and winding rivers. Umbria is known for its artistic, historical and architectural background that seeps into the current, modern Umbria.

Amongst the already long list of positives to this best kept Italian secret, its gastronomic offerings are divine. Most well famed for the locally produced Olive Oil as well as the wines and vineyards of Orvieto. This region is the only region lucky enough to be the only home to over five varieties of black truffles that are shipped out globally.

The overall economy in this area is strong, with heavy influences in the clothing, chemical and metal industries. This, alongside the continuously growing tourism makes this a smart location to invest in luxury properties.

To give you a little more information about Umbria, it is the only region that doesn’t have a coastline or any borders with other countries which explains its quintessentially Italian roots. Tuscany is situated to the west of Umbria in travelling distance for a day trip from your luxury home. Although Umbria isn’t on the coast it is crossed by the River Tiber and also allows Lake Trasimeno to share its prestigious location.

Ok, so now you’ve been sold on the location now for tempting you with some property. To really appreciate the scenery and have a complete break why not take your nearest and dearest to a rustic restored farmhouse with its own land containing 100 olive trees, a small vineyard and a large swimming pool with sun deck. Just under 2km from the nearest town you will be able to find a deli to stock up on local produce before you retreat to your luxury villa to have a complete break away from the rat race.

umbria rustic restored farmhouse

Alternatively, if small and subtle isn’t your thing then our 22 bedroom noble villa is the one for you. At the edge of a quaint town and only 8km from Perugia this seventeenth century luxury estate has plenty of room for you to holiday with the entire family and have room for staff too. With 3 acres of well-maintained and fenced land you won’t be interrupted, plenty of sunbathing space.

umbria 22 bed villa

This villa is perfect to use and enjoy as it is but also have plenty of opportunity for restoration such as The Limonaia, which is currently used as a tool shed. The warehouse also has an area of 50 square meters and would be brilliant if converted into more living space. If this impressive rambling estate hasn’t already got you persuaded maybe the traditional church, fountains and beautiful tree lined walk ways will be the deciding factor.

Don’t miss out on such a special find, we would happy to discuss any queries about the region or this property with you so do get in touch.

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