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November 30th, 2015 | by Serge Cowan

Top Outdoor Activities to Enjoy in Courchevel 1850

For people who love the outdoors and winter sports, Courchevel 1850 in the French Alps is one of the most popular holiday destinations on earth. A desire to be close to the slopes in this famous ski resort is what first tempts most people to look for chalets for sale in Courchevel 1850. As you would expect, if you buy one of the beautiful chalets in Courchevel 1850 you will have the chance to ski whenever you are staying in the area. However, there are many other activities you can enjoy while you are here, too:

The Ice Rink

Courchevel 1850 has a fantastic Olympic-sized ice rink that provides the perfect setting to have some fun away from the ski slopes. Whether you are staying in the area alone or if you have all your family staying at your chalet, ice-skating is a great activity for people of all ages.

Ice Climbing

Another alternative activity is ice climbing. Best-suited to teenagers and physically fit adults, this activity is done on an artificial cascade. Safety equipment is provided and you will climb the ice wall under the supervision of an expert, so it is just as suitable for the climbing novice as it is for experienced climbers.


There are more ways to travel across the snow than on a pair of skis, and dogsledding is a wonderful alternative. This exhilarating experience will take you to areas you would not see if you simply spend all your time skiing. Dogsledding, also known as mushing, is a lot of fun and an absolute must if you are a dog lover.

Helicopter Tours

Courchevel 1850 and the surrounding area boast outstanding beauty, which is something you will have come to appreciate if you have spent any amount of time there. To get a different perspective of your wonderful surroundings, however, try taking a helicopter tour of the area and give yourself a bird’s eye view of the stunning scenery on offer.

Hot Air Ballooning

Another way to get a bird’s eye view of the amazing terrain is to travel in a hot air balloon. As this is a much slower and quieter way to take to the sky than a helicopter, many people find the experience of travelling in a hot air balloon to be a more relaxing way to see the region.

The Luge Run

Most people have enjoyed the thrill of sliding on a sledge down a snow-covered hill at some point in their childhood. Courchevel 1850 offers an experience not available at any other ski resort in The Alps; a sledging run measuring two kilometres in length and with a drop of 300 metres! Anyone who wants to revisit the fun of his or her childhood should definitely try this activity.

Being close to such a wonderful array of amazing activities is what drives many people to search for ski chalets for sale in Courchevel 1850. When you are staying in this area, you will be able to hit the slopes on a whim and enjoy everything else that the region has to offer too.


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