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September 15th, 2014 | by Serge Cowan

Venetian Luxury Property Market

For those looking to purchase a luxury home, Italy is often a popular choice for the location, especially Tuscany and Venice. This does sometimes mean that properties are hard to come by, so advance planning may be required – especially if you want to live right in the centre of the city. Townhouses are extremely popular and some of these properties date back to the 15th Century. The styles of property differ between the various regions, and the luxurious properties that are available in the centre of Venice are just one of the reasons why this city is so popular.

The city of Venice consists of 117 different islands that are all connected by its famous canal network. One of the main attractions of living in Venice is the absence of traffic and all the fumes that go with it. Many luxury properties in the city have balconies and being able to sit outside without the noise and the pollutants from traffic is a major advantage for residents. As you would expect, travelling by canal is one of the most popular ways of getting around the city, along with walking.

There are many famous restaurants in the city that you will be able to enjoy while you are living there. Seafood restaurants are incredibly popular in the city along with more traditional Italian cuisine. Living in Venice means that you do not have to rush to fit in as many restaurants as you can in the same way as you would if you were on holiday. You can take your time, exploring all of the different restaurants that are on offer before deciding on your favourite.

Venice is also the venue for a number of different social occasions that take place throughout the year and residents are able to enjoy all of these experiences. The ‘La Dolce Vita – Road Rally 2014’ is an example of such an event. The finish line of this rally is in Venice and residents will have the advantage of knowing the best places in the city to view the race away from all the tourists. If you are lucky enough to live along the route you can even watch the rally from the comfort of your own home. When the race has finished, the participants will be spending two nights in Venice which will give residents plenty of opportunity to view the cars that have taken part – a dream for any petrol-head.

The advantages of living in Venice are so many and so varied that it comes as no surprise that luxury properties are extremely in demand. It is a very unique city, where the history of the area can be seen everywhere, but it also fits in well with the many modern events that take place throughout the year such as ‘La Dolce Vita’. A property owned in such a beautiful and romantic city such as Venice is something that one can be rightly proud of.

Serge Cowan

Serge Cowan

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Serge has an extensive marketing background, after a broadcasting career, Serge moved into marketing where he worked for BSkyB & a number of leading Public Relations agencies.
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